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Welcome to The Black Knights clan website!
We are a clan with over 15 years of experience together.  We are mature and casual gamers that don't have the time or patience to deal with immature players or cheaters.  We do have an age requirement of 18+ because we do not like to censor our members in our private forums and Team Speak channels.

But on the other hand we do take our teamwork seriously.  While we are casual, and just play to have fun, we do enjoy winning.  We accomplish this with superior teamwork.  

If you're a mature person that loves just getting together with like minded individuals and playing round after round of Battlefield working together as a squad and as a team then this is the place for you.  

We encourage you to read through our extensive history, stop by our forums, and join us in Team Speak and get to know us.

Become a  BF4 Server VIP and enjoy all the privileges of a BK.  Also be on the server VIP list in the configuration granting you special rights in the server itself.  Be immune to team balance.  Have your map votes count as triple votes.  Have players kicked to make room for you.  The list goes on for only $5/month.   CLICK HERE to sign up.

If you're a traveling man this is definitely the place for you.
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30th Sep 2017 Darkdeathshu replied to the topic Any old AC Gimps out there?
Haha, it's good to hear from you man! Ryan tracked me down through the HG Facebo...
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26th Nov 2017 Primaldeath replied to the topic Yo, whats up BK?
Hey guys Yeah, growing up sux lol Well I got a beatiful 4-yo daughter now ( +...
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16th Nov 2017 Boris just joined our community, welcome!
27th Oct 2017 BK Tiamet replied to the topic Yo, whats up BK?
Sup PD! Long time. Been mostly SP for a couple years now, and I don't even hav...
27th Oct 2017 BK T-Bird replied to the topic Yo, whats up BK?
Hey man! Everyone is in hibernation mode honestly. There's just nothing exciti...
24th Oct 2017 Primaldeath created a new topic Yo, whats up BK?
I'm glad to see you are still around! The homepage looks awesome So what games...
24th Oct 2017 Primaldeath just joined our community, welcome!
24th Sep 2017 BK T-Bird replied to the topic Any old AC Gimps out there?
Holy shit Darkdeath-Shu!!!! What the literal fuck has been going on man! Wait,...
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