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Schedules for the first few days of BF4
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Joined: 7th Sep 2013
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27th Oct 2013

Just want to get a good idea of any times you all know you will DEFINITELY be on for the first few days.  We really need to get our server populated and get playing together.  So I'll start ...

Tuesday 10/29 - I work 6am - 3pm EST.  I will get up at about 3am and make sure the server is still up and running and working fine and then leave myself logged into it to help seed it.  I will be home at 3:30 but only have about an hour as my son has a soccer game at 6pm.  After that though I will be on from about 8pm EST to late late night

Wed 10/30 - I work 1-10pm EST and I won't be able to play much that evening as I work the next morning too

Thurs 10/31 - I work 9-6pm EST.  I will try to be on after that.  But it is Halloween and I have kids.  And I have to work at 7am.

Fri 11/1 - I work 7-4pm EST.  And I am OFF ALL WEEKEND AFTER THAT.  So Friday I will be up late playing and then on all weekend.

Joined: 30th Sep 2013
Rank: Lord of the Rose
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27th Oct 2013

I will be on for the 12:00AM EST launch and playing it throughout most of the whole day with a few breaks every now and then of course.

I am curious to how many will be there for the launch to help seed up the server though.

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Joined: 10th Sep 2013
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28th Oct 2013

I hope to be on shortly after midnight though I may not be on more than an hour or two.
I work from home, so I also intend to have my game machine up and running with my account logged onto the server to help seed all week. I have pool league tomorrow night from 5:00 until possibly as late as 12:00 depending on when I shoot, that is if I shoot. This means I will not be on tomorrow night, but will log back in once I wake up Wednesday to help seed.
Joined: 7th Sep 2013
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28th Oct 2013

I'm going to try to change the idle time on the server so we can idle seed it for the first day or so

Joined: 18th Oct 2013
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28th Oct 2013

I'll be on at 12 and as long as I can stay up. Got my wisdom teeth out Friday so I'm in a bit of pain, but i'm off work till Thursday so I should get some quality hours in.

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Joined: 7th Sep 2013
Rank: First Knight
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28th Oct 2013

By the way ProCon should be updated within the first day or two so I can give admin rights to more people. For now all I can do remotely is restart the server and change the configs and add people to the ban list manually. If there are any issues while I am at work just message me on the site here or on Facebook and I can log in through my iPad and try to take care of it.

As soon as the admin tool is ready I will assign some admins.

Joined: 11th Sep 2013
Rank: Knight of the Crown
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28th Oct 2013

I work Tuesday but don't have to go in until 11am and will be back on around 5-6pm.
Wednesday I have to install a new ISP at one of our stores in the AM but will be available after that. Could take 2-3 hours or up to 8 depending on software compatibility
Thursday I have to work in the am but will be on after around 4pm
Friday I have end of the month meeting but should be on around 2-3pm
Off the weekend, Hopefully if TBirds modem holds up I will be at his house gaming out all weekend
Joined: 10th Sep 2013
Rank: Knight of the Sword
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29th Oct 2013

Ugh I fell asleep before midnight.
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