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It's out..details:
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13th Jan 2014

Joined: 7th Sep 2013
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13th Jan 2014

Sweet. Like the jet fixes and repair fixes. But now they REALLY need to nerf the movile AA (as if they didn't need to before) since choppers won't be able to repair through it.

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13th Jan 2014

Nonsense t-bird!!! Be in later!
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13th Jan 2014

I like the jet changes, attack jets shouldn't be able to outmaneuver stealth jets like they could before and now stealth jets can perform there role better taking out enemy aircraft. At the same time the mobile AA is even more stronger now since all jets auto repair much slower now.

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13th Jan 2014

Choppers couldn't repair through mobile AA before this anyway, not if the guy was any good.

The AA's damage is fine - these things are supposed to shred targets - it's just got too much damn health. There is no reasonable way that they can be killed from the air. I literally can't remember the last time a jet managed to take me out in the AA, much less a chopper. Even tanks have a hard time and LAV's just get eaten up, and it's all for the same reason. I don't know if it's a question of too many hit points or too much damage reduction, but a skilled driver in the AA needs to be seriously ganged up on in order to be taken down.

Example - even if both laser guided bombs from the attack jet hit, you're still at ~33%. Much more than enough health to get out of there, and even possible to get out and repair yourself back up to full health before he can get back, and the reload is so slow that you're reduced to using guns anyway. An attack chopper has it even worse because they have to get close and can't get away from you quickly, and there's no chance for in-flight repairs. They just can't put out the damage before they get taken out, again even with skilled pilot and copilot, you'll rarely end up below 30%.

Basically I'm sayin if they cut the HP by about 30%, basically, things would be a lot better in terms of being able to kill them. They really shouldn't have much armor anyway. Their damage, however, is fine.

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Forum » Battlefield Hardline » General Discussion
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