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Interesting Site Features
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Joined: 7th Sep 2013
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11th Sep 2013

Just wanted to show off some of the cool features we have now on this new site ...

Forums - These forums are very sturdy.  Very few bugs.  Well laid out.  And all sorts of cool features.  One thing I really like is that they work flawlessly on a mobile browser like an iPhone or Galaxy.  Usually forums are crap on mobile devices so I don't bother.  But those ones scale down nicely.  You can even upload photos directly from your device.  There's all sorts of neat things you will come across in these forums.  For instance as I type this long post, the text box is growing and the rest of the page is shifting with it instead of it just sprouting scroll bars.  And the forums have a great WYSIWYG editor for making nice looking posts as if it were in MS Word.

Activity feed- Similar to facebook's sidebar that shows what everyone is doing on the site.  I find it very useful to let me know if something new has happened like someone registering or someone posting on the forums etc.  Keeps me from missing things.

Join Us! - This is a built in application to join the clan.  Someone has to register, and it has spam filters.  It is completely customizable.  I can ask any questions we need and require whatever info we want.  I kept it simple but it is very deep if need be.  It then notifies officers when a new application has been submitted.  We then have an app queue where we can approve or deny.  If approved it automatically assigns them to their squire rank and adds them to the dynamic roster.

Roster - This is different from clicking members.  Members refers to people registered in our community.  But the roster shows people that are actually BKs.  And it is dynamic.  As I approve apps or change peoples' ranks it automatically reflects those changes.  So that is our old Live Roster we all used to love.  It's back.

Blogs - I was weary about adding this feature as I didn't think anyone would use it.  But I did because it is such a neat addition.  You can start your own blog there.  Great way to showcase your scores in Battlefield or just blog about your love for cat pictures.  I really don't care.  It's your own personal blog with a great WYSIWYG editor for posting nice looking posts without needing to know any code.  I really hope someone uses this feature.  I'll follow their blog.

Galleries - I really hope people use these.  I am a Facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc. lover.  I love pics.  And these allow you as a user to create your own photo albums just like on Facebook.  I really hope everyone uses these.  And they work flawlessly in a mobile environment.  The gallery of my motorcycle was all done from my cell phone.  Amazing feature!

Groups - Another of my top favorite features.  This allows me to make groups, which is not the same as ranks.  So basically let's say our friends at RWG come over and register here.  I can create an RWG group and they can all be a part of it.  I can even password a group so not just any person can join it.  I can even set a member of a group to be an admin for that group (in our example the RWG officers) so they can control aspects of that group.

Downloads - We now have a nice download center with permission settings that we can share files we need to pass along to other BK

BK Store - We now have an integrated "store" that goes straight into our paypal account so that we can pay for our servers etc.  It really has a lot of neat features.  I can set up an 'item' for sale in the store with all sorts of parameters.  It can be a one time price or a recurring payment (like a subscription).  I can have the web site automatically assign someone a rank upon successful payment (ie. Premium Member).  I can also set custom pictures, colors, and other attributes for that person upon purchase.  I am still learning all the neat features for this.  

Awards - The site allows me to create and manage custom awards (like you earn in games special medals or ribbons or whatever we want as long as it is an image).  I create awards with a title and description and a picture (maybe even a trophy).  I can then assign different events on the site to give these awards or just manually give them to people as they earn them.  And these awards are shown on that person's profile.

Tournaments - This is a VERY powerful feature and has all sorts of neat things we can do.  I can create a tournament, give it a name and description etc.  Then I can set an entrance fee (if I want one) for the tournament that goes directly into our paypal and automatically enters that person into the tournament (if it's free they can just enroll in it without paying).  We can use that feature to give away real life prizes and it will all be automated.  Then I can set the number of teams in the tournament and set if it is single or double elimination.  This is all built into the site.  I can then set it so that as soon as the tournament fills up it auto starts, and I can set it to randomize the teams upon start.  I can assign permissions on two levels.  Those who can take part in the tournament (or no restriction at all) and those who can moderate the tournament.    Then of course the date and time it starts if it's not set to auto start, and I can assign awards to give the winners from our web site awards section(if not real life prizes).

Events - We can create events now that the site integrates in and notifies people on.  We can set rank permissions to attend the events (for instance if we have an officer meeting).  The site even notifies you when an event is about to start if you have that feature turned on in your profile.  And of course we can set all the usual calendar stuff like start time end time and recurring event etc.  Oh and it auto ads birthdays to the calendar if the person has entered it in to their profile.

My Center - You will find so many new features in here and it's sub menus I am not going to type them all.  Just go explore!!!

Chat - We have a live chat box on the right now that is instant real time.  And we also have the ability to open up instant chats with members by clicking that little pop up menu at the bottom right of your screen.  Just like on Facebook.  Can even join into private group chats from there based on permission settings.  

Clan Support - We now have a section (on the right side just under the mini calendar) that allows anyone on our web site, even non-BK, to donate towards our web site hosting.  It shows how many days left we have prepaid for on our site and it allows you to buy us more days of hosting this site.  VERY cool feature and someone has already used it to extend our days left.  Thanks.  It helps a lot!

Hope you enjoy all the awesome new features.  Please play with them all.  Also please help me with ideas on how to best utilize all of these features like awards, tournaments, or whatever  Hope you enjoy!
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Joined: 11th Sep 2013
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27th Sep 2013

It will not let me create events
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