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What time are you guys usually playing?
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Joined: 11th Jan 2014
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12th Jan 2014

Hi guys,

yesterday was fun, but obviously as an european i wont be able to play always this late (yesterday was 4am for me ^^), but as a student i can manage my time pretty freely. so i was wondering at which times do you guys normally play (please add UTC), and hopefully i will manage to shift my work so that i can join you guys as often as possible.

And in regard to that i really like the idea of clan-night, it gives me the chance to plan ahead and meet more and more of you guys.

See you

Joined: 8th Jan 2014
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12th Jan 2014

I sometimes play in the early morning then later at night. According to the UTC time its between 11am-3pm and i am on EST. I see that your on now and if i see ya ill poke ya to play.
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Joined: 6th Nov 2013
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12th Jan 2014

Generally I play after 11PM Denmark time.
Joined: 3rd Nov 2013
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13th Jan 2014

Normaly these guys are on and off at times for US ( EU ) at like 1600, or atleast i've seen T-Bird online at that time.
Els after 2200 more and more are online.
But when I get home from school, I will try to get our clan name out on some EU servers, and get to join us in US, so we hopefully can seed our server, even in the afternoon EU time, so we in that way, can have a full time running server.
Biggest problem for this to happen, is the latensy for most EU players on US servers, or atleast that is that I have heard..
Some have better connections then others, like myself, I normaly play with a latensy around the 130-ish without it beening a problem for me, but my connection is pretty good, and not all have the same opportunity for getting a connection like me.
And the age will be a pretty tricky aswell, since most people on 18-20 still have alot of school, and can't play that late ( or wont ), and I fully understand that.
But maybe you Max, have some german freinds playing BF4 aswell, or know anyone from the game, you can try get a hold on, and promote us ?

Im really hoping that we will be able to get some EU players in with time, but I think it will be difficult, but it would help our server out alot.

- Nikwis
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Last Edit: 13th Jan 2014 by Nikwis
Joined: 11th Jan 2014
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14th Jan 2014

Sadly none of my friends play bf4 (but i definitely will keep bugging them about buying it), but sure I'll try to convince a few European people to visit the clan and hopefully they will join.

Regarding the hole latency thing i also have a ping about 130 at the BK Server, but I was positively surprised that apparently it makes no real difference to my normal ping of 15-30 on German server. The stupid thing is that most player will have the normal settings in Battelog, which only searches for server in your wold region.

Otherwise i only can hope that us playing on EU server and showing some good teamwork will make a few people curious about the clan.
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