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The Savage Division was inspired by Orchist and Thunderbird’s profound interest in the game, realizing its dynamic potential focusing on team play. It was then decided that Orchist was best qualified to fit the role of Savage Division Leader.

The game was a hit, as a large chunk of the Black Knights played and were skilled in the game. Through the Black Knights performance and good attitude they recruited a wealth of new quality members.

Flash forward two months and things began to look grim. A large portion of the veteran Black Knights lost interest in the game; largely due to FFXI, finding Beasts to be over powered, and the decision to not compete in any ladders.

Among the Black Knights who decided to play FFXI was Orchist himself. A new leader was to be picked, and the one chosen was unlikely. The officers went down the ranks to find the most active and skilled player (maybe at that time) to one of the newest KoR’s. His name was Rylo, and this was the fastest any KoR has made it to the top of the ranks. He was smart in game, got along with most, and had previous clan experiences.

With Beasts (namely Rabid Predators) being over powered, many took a break from Savage until the new patch (2.0) was released. Even with the majority of the division on hiatus, drama still arose despite the Black Knights’ attempts to avoid it.

On the Savage Boards (Satan’s asshole as we know it), some made claims of Black Knights cheating. Though some still ignorantly hate us, those that have ever played with us know these claims are far from the truth.

The Black Knights have been explicitly against scripting and exploiting of any kind, which negates the accusations of our cheating but also has been mistaken for whining. As for sucking, you cannot generalize the Black Knights. Rylo and Edgar were already outstanding Beasts, Thunderbird and Terrik were exceptional commanders, and Black Knights had even recruited Mercenary... the Savage community’s finest blocker. We held countless melee and general practices, and BK skills were top notch.

 Ganked writes ...

Quote"I found the Black Knights by playing with some seriously skilled players, Fasder, Ethics, T-Bird, Debonair, Jaha.  I noticed quickly that BK was the cream of the crop, and any team with a BK usually won, and they were usually the best players on the server.  Once BK put up a server, I decided to apply and join the ranks.  The server was hosted by Ethereal, and the rules were pretty simple:
"If you are getting tired of idiots abusing the game, feel free to join the 32 player BK server. This is our attempt to create a fun environment to play Savage and to get rid of the childish morons that ruin public games. This is a pure and public server where exploiters, grief players and general idiots will be ip banned permanently. The following rules apply, breaking any of these rules will be grounds for exile:
Acting like a child
Spamming chat or votes excessively
Performance enhancing scripts
Muting/Kicking without reasonable grounds
Doing anything that we feel is innappropriate
You will be given 1 warning kick and an explanation If you repeat the offense you can never come back. Tuesday nights it may be passworded for BK only practices. We look forward to seeing you there."

Our server was always full, because people respected our rules and enjoyed the environment we created.  However, once a week, we would lock down the server for a little BK vs BK action.  The clan wars were the best, who doesn't like talk shit and owning their friends?  After a while, we realized we had talent, and decided to compete in an upcoming league.  Unfortunately, the nature of a competitive league didn't mesh well with the mix of hardcore and casual players in BK, though we put up a good showing of course.
-New rules of the server 

Quote"1. CONSTANT jumping (bunnyhopping) while engaged in melee is exploitable and is NOT allowed. This ONLY applies in melee. If you are fluxing a guy to death and he is BH’ing like his life depends on it, he is fine and that is NOT breaking this rule. 
-----To BK’s. Please be carefull with this one. To often I think people are accusing others of this, when really the person is just trying to get the hell away from you. Because BH’ing is exploitable only when right up on you, that is the ONLY time this rule is actually broken. 
2. Using cheats (if that ever happens) and/or map/terrain exploits or anyother known exploit is completely unacceptable, violators of this can/will be banned. 
3. Commanders who leave the com seat (and are still in the game) can be kicked/banned if they dont explain why they left. Constant abusers of this WILL be banned.
4. ANY form of abuse or harassment based on race, sex, or religion ( or any other form that isnt appropriate) is unacceptable and will result in being kicked or banned.
5. If you have an issue with another player global chat is NOT the place to argue about it. Either use private messages, take it to spectator chat, or DROP IT!"
People flocked to the BK server because we stuck to our rules, and enforced them FAIRLY.  We weren't afraid to stick out from the crowd and go against the grain and people respected us for that.  Since savage was made in a basement, some parts of the game was a little off to say the least.  One bad exploit was a result of improper hitboxes.  You were able to hit someone below you, but if they were above you, you couldn't hit them.  This lead the masses to start "bunnyhopping" meaning, jumping up and down while meleeing so you would be able to hit your enemy, but your enemy wouldn't be able to hit you.  Being the noble gamers that we are, BK shuned bunnyhopping and strictly enforced it.  Our server acted as a santuary for players to play the game they way it was intended.
BK was also made up of a diverse group of people.  Mercenary was a coder who worked on mods/maps? (I believe so, don't know a ton about him), who was eventually hired by S2 games (the makers of savage).  Malakyte was a map maker extraordinaire, whose maps were constantly played and rivaled those made by S2.  (And wasn't one of their maps released with the actual game?)



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