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  1. All of the following rules are to be followed by all members of this clan regardless of their rank or length of membership. There are NO exceptions to these rules unless explicitly stated by the First or Second Knight in writing (PM or e-mail). No other officer of any rank has the authority to override one of these rules or to make exceptions for others. If you are found to be in violation of any of these rules, you may be asked to leave the clan immediately.
  2. Black Knights are strongly cautioned against causing conflicts. We do not start conflicts - we finish them. If conflict is brought to us, then react in any way you feel appropriate and you may count on your BK brothers and sisters to back you up.
  3. BKs are required to play on the same server as the rest of the clan in any game that uses servers (such as MMORPGs) and has an open division. There are to be no alternate characters on any other servers for any reason. You are also required to be on the same "side" as BK in a game if that game has definitive sides. Should you choose to leave BK in the game without quitting playing it entirely then you are choosing to leave BK and will be removed from the clan, and your rank and access to any and all BK resources will be stripped.
  4. If a member in good standing has an account in a game that is NOT already a division, and BK later opens a division for that game, that member is not bound by rule #3, however participation with the clan is still strongly encouraged. You may not open a new account in a game for which the Black Knights have an open division without being a member of that division. If a person has an account in the game prior to joining BK for another open division, they are not required to follow rule #3 for the game in which they already had an account in before joining the clan however they may find themselves with restricted forum access due the to the sensitive nature of some items discussed on the private boards for that game.
  5. BKs are not allowed to be a member of any other clan, guild or other organization in a game or display another clan, guild or other organization’s tag in which we currently have a division open for. If there is no division for the game then you may join another clan for THAT GAME ONLY. Under these circumstances, if a division is opened AFTER you were already in a clan in that game, we will not require you to leave that clan.
  6. The Black Knights have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cheating, hacking, exploiting, or grief play. Any members found to behave in such a manner will be IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY ejected from BK. We do not even allow the discussion of cheats, as in where to find them or how to use them. We consider cheating or hacking among the highest crimes one may commit against this clan and will result in your being permanently banned from membership in the Black Knights and our website. If you discover a cheat, or know of someone cheating, report it privately to the Division Leader or leadership.
  7. All Black Knights are to utilize the chain of command whenever possible. See the Rank Structure for details on the positions you should be requesting assistance of and the Roster for the names of the people holding these positions and their contact info.
  8. All Black Knights are eligible for the opportunity to be promoted, however the creation of this opportunity is entirely up to the individual. If you want a promotion then you must prove yourself. "No freebies, no friendsies". Consideration for promotion depends on several factors: Dedication to the clan, following the rules/chain of command, leadership qualities, maturity level, participation in the community, and their ability to work with and lead a team. Popularity doesn’t even register on the radar in this one so don’t even think about kissing ass, it may actually hurt your chances. Nobody in this clan will receive special treatment, regardless of their age, race, religion, sex (or how often), relationships (whether real life friend or mate), rank, or BK points. Everyone is equal in this clan, PERIOD, some of us just have more decision-making responsibilities. We are all bound by the same rules, regardless of any differences.
  9. Black Knights are encouraged to speak their mind openly to each other but are expected to give criticism in a respectful manner, and to take criticism in a mature manner. Whether you have a question or a concern about enforcement of the rules or the direction of the clan, or about someone’s behavior in-game, you should feel free to bring it to the attention of any officer whom you feel can answer it or your Division Leader. We ask that if possible you do so in a private manner. There is no need to air our dirty laundry outside or manufacture drama inside.
  10. Disagreements between clan members are not discouraged, however they are also not to be settled in public. For the purpose of this rule, "in public" means any place where non-members of BK are able to view the proceedings. This includes but is not limited to: on message boards where non-BKs have read access, in chat channels where non-BKs are present, or in-game in vicinity or team speak channels or in group or squad chat channels when there are non-BKs in the group. Discussion of topics or minor disagreements in public are acceptable, however serious disagreements should be relegated to more private channels such as Instant Messengers, the BK Personal Message system, e-mail, telephone, etc. Should a disagreement prove sensitive enough, a KoC or Lord may be requested to participate in the discussion as a mediator. Requests for such help should be posted on the All Black Knights message board, and the argument then should be DROPPED by both parties until such time as a mediator can be obtained. Rest assured that we take such things seriously, and that there will never be a long delay.
  11. BKs are required to have some sort of activity on this web site at least once every 30 days. You do not even have to make post anything. The reason we do this is so that we do not have inactive members on our roster that we will never hear from again. If you become inactive you will be removed from the clan on good terms and can reapply again later but will not have your rank reinstated.  If you will be without web site access for 30 days you may request a leave of absence from leadership and you will be immune to this rule for that period of time.
  12. We do not support or easily tolerate "l33t speak’ or Cybonics as it is commonly referred to. We are a mature clan of adults. We do not want our clan to be represented by this childish form of "speech". "Cybonics" is anything to do with numbers, symbols or special characters excessively in place of normal alphabetic characters. You know what it is, and you know if you’re doing it.
  13. BKs need to be aware of "unwritten rules" in specific games. Each game seems to have its own set of "community rules" that the general gaming community tends to follow. Examples are ... no killing in the med centers in SWG, no team hopping if you are losing in Savage, no spawn camping un-capturable flags in Battlefield. Basically do what others consider good behavior. These game specific rules are created at the discretion of the division leader and may be altered, added to or deleted at any time by him. Be sure you know how your division leader wants his division to behave ahead of time.
  14. In any game and at all times the members of this clan are expected to follow the orders of the highest ranking officers present. No exceptions. If a Lord of the Sword tells you to get out of a tank, you are expected to get out if he is the highest ranking officer at that moment in the game. This goes for all games, all ranks, and all divisions.
  15. BKs are expected to play in a respectable manner. We do not tolerate shit talking to your opponents. It’s ok to have fun with them or taunt them a little, but being a complete ass will not be tolerated. Examples would be if you just beat someone in PvP, and dancing on their corpse and saying "I owned you !!!" etc over and over. If we receive a screen shot of you doing something such as this, you may be kicked from the clan.
  16. A division for a game in BK is not considered closed until officially announced by the leadership. There can be 1 person left in the game that plays, and it is still a division, meaning all rules still apply until that game is announced as officially closed. If you feel a division needs to be closed for any reason, you are urged to contact an officer regarding this matter. He will immediately bring it to the leaders attention and closing the division will be discussed, and all members will be allowed to input their decisions on this matter.
  17. BK points are by no means a measure of someone’s worth. They do not earn you anything, they are simply a way for the officers of this clan to have a quick glance at how active of a person you are. There are literally dozens of ways points are earned, but all ways they are earned are just a way to show how active you are with the clan, and your participation level in the things we do.
  18. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in this clan. If you make someone feel uncomfortable and they report it to an officer, you will be under consideration for immediate removal at the discretion of the victim and after a review of the circumstances.. BK is meant to be a friendly environment, for men, women, and of course farm animals.
  19. No Black Knight, with the exception of the First Knight, Second Knight and Division Leaders are allowed to post in a negative way towards any other person in a game we play, on that game’s official or unofficial forums. Violating this rule will result in an immediate kick from the clan. If you are unsure as to whether or not your post is "negative" you may contact your division leader before posting. There may be no warnings for this rule, just a kick. Represent this clan well in all forms, or not at all
  20. All Clan Officers ranking Lord of the Sword and above have the right to remove anyone from this clan that they outrank, for any reason, at any time.
  21. Upon removal from the guild on good terms, an individual may only reapply one additional time and start over from scratch as a squire of the Black Knights. The application list will be screened for people who have reapplied more than once in the past, and such applications will be removed from the list.

  1. There are several different forums to post in and each have a specific and obvious use. Always consider where your post fits best and do not post the same message in two different forums.
  2. As a Member of the Black Knights (ranks of Squire and above) you are expected to read all of our General Forums both public and private and all Game Specific forums for any division of which you are currently a member. Off Topic forums are not included as the topics discussed generally do not directly concern the Black Knights.
    • Some forums may include a broad spectrum of topics, such as the General Discussion forums, but forums with very specific areas, such as Sponsorship forum, Site Support, or PC Help Desk will be used for posts of that kind and nothing off topic will be allowed there.
  3. All forums with the exception of Off Topic and The Dungeon should be considered to be for "Safe For Work" (SFW) content only. Please respect your peers and be sure that any links to external sites with questionable content are clearly marked as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Be aware that this may have severe real life consequences on your friends here. People lose their jobs over things like that. Our hosting company forbids any type of pornography so do not post it, PERIOD.
  4. The Dungeon is not subject to any of these rules. In The Dungeon you may post whatever you want and people can speak to you in any way they choose. If you chose to take part in this forum do not complain to an officer no matter what is posted there, and be aware that there are no set guidelines for posting SFW/NSFW in The Dungeon. The most strictly moderated forums are the Public Forums, thereafter come our Private Forums and last but still moderated are the Off Topic forums. The Dungeon is moderated ONLY by Madcat
  5. It is everybody’s responsibility to keep the forums "neat" by using the Edit and Delete options on your post when needed instead of making new posts, "Test threads" for example are to be deleted imediatly when the test is completed. The Off Topic forums are basically to be used for anything that does not concern BK or BK games etc. However if you post in the Off Topic forums some kind of topic is required, they may not be used to "postwhore".
  6. Signatures MAY NOT contain ads to other online clans or communities.
  7. When posting a file (especially video and audio), do not make it download or play automatically, instead post a link to the file or make it so it is viewable at the viewer’s discretion instead of auto starting when the thread loads.
  8. "Postwhoring" is not allowed. Even when posting in the Off Topic forum the post must have some kind of topic. "Postwhoring" means posting simply to get higher postcount without any real content in your post. The reason it is not allowed, it disturbs all other board activity by spamming the forums.

    ENFORCEMENT:When any registered user of these message boards breaks one of our rules, be they a guest or a Black Knight, the issue will be handled at the Officers discretion. If a member of our boards keeps breaking rules he will be penalized more harshly each time until he stops or may no longer make use of the message boards.Some (but not all) of the actions an officer may take are listed below:
  • Deduction of an amount of points of the officers choosing.
  • A temporary ban from the message boards.
  • A permanent ban from the message boards.
  • And other options as deemed appropriate by officers in a case by case basis.Enforcement of these rules is very strict as we take them very seriously. If you feel you have been mistreated during the course of said enforcement, please e-mail the Message Board Admin and the situation will be given due consideration. Do not complain about an officers decision on the message boards, disagreements with Officer decisions are to be handled as stated above - IN PRIVATE.
    These rules may be modified at anytime, make sure you review periodicly



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