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Battlefield 2

Once again the Black Knights returned to its roots in the Battlefield series; this time with the release of Battlefield 2. Like its previous title (BF1942) this game again is one where teamwork and strategy is a must. Once the demo was released with the map Gulf of Oman; we quickly confirmed this game was definitely worthy of a Division once again.

Unlike previous games we did not yet have a division leader when BF2 was released. This is the first time where all of BK was asked to put on KoC hats and to give feedback on possible Division Leaders. Through all of the input and discussion Longway (a current KoR) rose to the top and was given the promotion to Division Leader. This was based on the way he handled himself and his leadership quality shown in-game right after full launch. Longway quickly took charge and began shaping the BF2 division. We soon had our very own dedicated ranked server where the Black Knights could call home. Now BK had that single place where we ALL could play together and not have to worry about trying to get everyone on another server. This also seemed to attract many top-notch players as well; since we quickly gained the reputation of having a well-ran server which was noted by many threads in our public forums thanking us for providing such a good server. Having such a great player base really sets the tone for a well-played and competitive round which amplifies the fun for all. With the popularity and success of our server we eventually added a 2nd server as well; dedicated to ONLY urban maps. Like the other server this was also very popular and constantly full. We eventually had to kill this server due to funds, but it was still a blast while it lasted.

Another chapter in the BF2 Division came the decision to compete in the 12 vs. 12 TWL ladder (much like we competed in the BF1942 game) and Longway assigned Captains. Longway began forming our ground forces and also the BK Air Force to help cover the air. Weekly practices (2 nights a week) were setup to get everyone together and start practicing tactics, learn new things, etc. Ultimately even with all of the practice the TWL stint did not go well and we eventually stopped competing. The poor game design, bugs, etc. just made it no fun at all with it being impossible for TWL to really manage the exploits when the game design itself allowed them. Looking back this truly was the best decision made for the clan. The reason is that at the core roots of it BK was not created to be the best competing clan in every game. We were founded as mentioned before on the morals of teamwork, strategy, and MOST of all having fun together.

Though we ultimately failed at competing in the TWL; the division has been nothing but a success. Today as it stands the BF2 division alone has brought in 40+ new members to the clan; many of which have already left their mark in their short time with us. It has also been the stepping stone for some folks into well-deserved promotions within the clan and providing them the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills. It also has brought about a new Division Leader; Tiamet (an old-school BK) as he needed to step in and fill Longway's shoes due to the birth of his first child. Kudos to Longway as he did a fine job during his tenure of Division Leader.

So where can you find the Black Knights nowadays in BF2? You will not find us in TWL or any other competition ladder. Occasionally your server may be the target of one of our aptly-named "Server Raids". Here we try to get as many BK on as possible and on the same side and simply have a fun time wrecking havoc on the server and kicking some ass, albeit in a mature and organized manner. Just another fun way to enjoy the game and go meet some new enemies on the battlefield, yet still have fun for everyone. At times we also have had the opportunity to just enjoy a good scrimmage or two against a mature clan as well. This allows for that feeling of competition again, but in a well-controlled environment where both clans agree to the rules and they have been nothing but fun win or lose. And as always you can simply find us right at home on our very own server; working as a team, having fun, and even defending our own server from a clan's raid from time to time. Guaranteed though no matter what we are hanging out and having a blast as well as managing our server so that it is well-ran and no drama is allowed. We just want people to stop on by and enjoy a fun round of BF2.



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