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Drunkfest 2014
10:00 AM Thu 19th Jun 2014 - 10:00 AM Mon 23rd Jun 2014(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Yes it's well beyond that time of year to start planning this next Drunkfest.

For those that are new to BK, we have had an annual clan party since 2002.  It started as a keg party on my birthday (T-Bird) between some officers and clan members that were in town for business.  The following year we made it an official birthday party thing and made a huge 4 day yard party out in the country back woods of Georgia (beer, barbecue, guns, naked girls, etc.).  Needless to say it grew and grew.  Soon we were hosting it on the campgrounds of Lake Lanier (waterfront campsites with a small beach).  Then it grew more.  By 2005 we had a radio station broadcasting live from Drunkfest and a houseboat, waverunners, etc.  It was huge.  Girls gone wild boat even showed up.  Got some good footage from that year LOL.  Then it grew more.  Last Drunkfest we held it at a private beach house on the sands of Crescent beach Florida.  We've had BKs from all over the world attend.  Including Gab from Sweden TWICE!

This is all funded by clan donations and averaged about $8,000 but has gone up to about $12,000 at some of the bigger ones.

This year, thanks to an almost 2 year absence of any gaming, we are going to have to tone it WAY down.  We don't have the membership and therefor the funds.  

Also note, the name "Drunkfest" was dubbed 12 years ago when the party started.  We are obviously a lot older and more mature now.  And while there is alcohol present, it is not what you think.  I personally, being the creator of this party, don't even drink.  But we don't want to change the name so we leave it.  It is really just a fun gathering of friends from around the world.  So don't feel like this is some big frat party.  It's really not.  

This year we are going to go back to the lake hopefully.  Instead of dropping $6,000 for a houseboat like we normally do (we just beach it and use it for kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.) we are thinking of using the campsites on the water and getting a smaller boat (25' pontoon) so we can actually go out on the lake.  This lake covers FIVE COUNTIES so don't think of it as some small lake.  It is massive.  I've boated on this lake for 30 years now and have barely seen a third of it.  But with the houseboats we were land stuck.  And were paying $6k to be so.  The campsites have bathrooms and showers and such.  And I was even going to look around for some local person that might take a few bills to let us borrow their RV for the weekend and park it there for some shelter too.

Either way, there will be campsites and we have plenty of tents from previous drunkfest still stored here at my place.  So no worries if you are flying in and don't have stuff.

Drunkfest is completely supported by donations of money and time.  Myself and the local officers use the BK debit card to reserve the sites and boats.  We sign our names to the contracts so please be respectful.  We also purchase all the food and drinks for the number of people that RSVPed.  So send in donations, we need it!

Now for the dates.

Drunkfest 2014  
Wed - June 18th - Most out of town people arrive this day.  We all go out to dinner that night for a meet and greet.
Thurs - June 19th - We pack up and head to the lake.  We set up the sites and get the boat
Friday - June 20th - We party and party and party.  And during the day we will take the boat out on the lake
Sat - June 21st - More partying and lake fun.  
Sun - June 22nd - The after party (some people this is their fav event) at the Beck estate!  Water volleyball, home cooking, billiards, etc.
Mon - June 23rd - Most fly out this day.  For those still left we will go to some local attraction in Atlanta

As for places to stay.  No hotels needed.  Those arriving early or leaving late, we got you.  It may be a sleeping bag on my floor.  But we got you.  I remember one year we had

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10th Mar 2014
Not able to make it, far outside the budget as we are moving to a larger place in the beginning of June.
6th Mar 2014
Maybe? I may not have the money, but I'll be a lot closer to Georgia than usual. We'll see.
1st Mar 2014
Sorry guys, hopefully next year. This year i need to save all my money for my exchange Semester. (which sadly is not until august)
28th Feb 2014
Unfortunately I will not be attending, for I am to underage, and broke... I wish you guys well then and have fun!


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