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Server Debate: Ranked vs. Official
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Should our server be Official or Ranked?


Joined: 7th Sep 2013
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23rd Nov 2013

We need to decide real quick.  DICE (well EA) is really screwing servers on this one.  And it's all thanks to the bad kids of BF3 ... server admins that abused the power and just went on kicking and banning sprees and making servers custom to the point that it limited the weapons you could use or the kits you could spawn etc.  So DICE wanted there to be "Official" servers out there that players could be guaranteed to have a vanilla style game to play on.

While I agree with them for wanting to stop server admins from re-designing their game by enforcing insane rules, I disagree with how they are doing it.  I personally think you should be allowed to check/uncheck an "Allow Custom" in your quickmatch settings.  It should be defaulted to ALLOW.  That would solve it all.

Anyways here are the pros and cons.  Please discuss this and add some more pros and cons as you see fit.  I will be inviting players from our server to come weigh in on the debate. 


  • Quickmatch sends players to your server by the truck load.  With only a couple BKs our server can be seeded and full within a matter of minutes during peak, and within the hour during off peak.
  • Unless people change their filters, we show up all the time in the server browser higher in priority than just ranked
  • Votemap addon still works
  • We cannot kick anyone from the server.  Used to be able to bypass this and kick with PB, but they stopped that too now
  • We cannot move players between teams
  • Multibalancer does not work
  • We cannot ban players from our server


  • We can kick anyone at any time
  • We can disable idle kick timer or lengthen it
  • Multibalancer addon works and moves players based on skill and K/D
  • We can move players between teams
  • We can ban players
  • We can change ticket count percentage
  • We do not get quick match players.  With a couple BKs the server takes hours to get even half full.  Yesterday we played near 5 rounds with about 8 of us online and never got more than 20 vs 20.  The server crashed and we tried to reseed and it never happened.  It is an almost guarantee that our server will never be populated.
  • By default the official servers show up before the ranked servers in the server browser

Now I know by looking at the list of PROS and CONS the choice seems obvious.  But it's the severity of the cons that make the difference in my eyes.  You have to understand that in ranked mode it is near impossible to get players.  In official mode they come to us in masses without even trying.  I'm not kidding you that we sat with over half a dozen BK yesterday and played almost 5 rounds and never broke 20v20 and that's with us constantly putting it on the popular maps.

Then when I rebooted the server as official it filled right up and stayed that way all night long.

This is a very serious decision to make.  Our server is already tumbling down in rankings of server popularity. ...

Please discuss ...

Joined: 18th Oct 2013
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23rd Nov 2013

Yeah it's a tough decision, it seems dice/ea has us by the balls here. My thinking is, why pay for a server when the only thing your getting is to name said server. Your effectively paying to host a server for ea, controlled by ea. We could all go stack on someone else's server and have the same official experience were having. Either way this goes I'm fine with it, just like playing the game with you fellas

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Last Edit: 23rd Nov 2013 by Steven46746
Joined: 11th Sep 2013
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23rd Nov 2013

This is a great question and I will have to think about this one before I vote. I see both sides on this one and understand both arguments. I will throw something else to consider as well. If we stay official then we might lose the players that donate for VIP making the donations for the BK server(s) fall squarely on our shoulders.
Joined: 13th Sep 2013
Rank: Lord of the Sword
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23rd Nov 2013

Powerless to deal with hackers and asshats - check
Unable even to get in to our OWN damn server if it happens to be full - check

You don't like having to wait when you log on sometimes to get players on our server? I get that. How would you like having to wait in queue to get in to our server? And then have to wait for allllll the other BKs to get through the queue to play WITH you? This is a solution, to you? Pardon my tone, but god damn I don't even see this as a question.

If we can not kick or ban players, then having a server is, literally, 100% pointless. The server is supposed to be a place where we are safe from having to deal with hackers and dipshits. Going official sacrifices absolutely everything that makes having a server worth it. At that point, we really are only paying for the privilege of providing a server that EA should be hosting themselves. Fuck all that noise.

For the sake of convenience (I use this term so fucking loosely here), your suggestion is to reduce ALL of us to the level of non-BKs, from the perspective of a week ago when we were having a discussion about making space for RWG/HVG. Absolutely against that. I can get that experience anywhere. All I need to do is hit Quick Match, and likely will on the occasions where our server is full. Because why wouldn't I? Especially if there aren't any other BKs online already. Anyone I like playing with will be able to join on me anywhere I go, and since there will be literally zero difference between our server and any other official one, why would I ever bother waiting? I would surely never seed again, that's for goddamn sure. No advantage to playing on our server at all, except my tag matches the server name. Big fucking deal.

If we are having that much trouble filling a server, then my suggestion is to reduce the server size to 32 or 48.

It's official right now... And it's been empty for 2 or 3 hours... Solution?
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I am the Hopeslayer, and I approve this message.

Last Edit: 23rd Nov 2013 by Tiamet
Joined: 7th Sep 2013
Rank: First Knight
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23rd Nov 2013

Its RANKED right now. Meant to set it at that earlier. Go ahead and seed it

Joined: 13th Sep 2013
Rank: Lord of the Sword
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23rd Nov 2013

Took almost 2 rounds to fill up completely.

There are just too many outside factors to make definitive statements about how long Ranked will take to fill vs Official. Time of day and day of week are two off the top of my head, and surely there are others. What can be definitely said is that the cons of an official server are so huge that we might as well just let other people pay for servers and we'll just use theirs.
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I am the Hopeslayer, and I approve this message.

Joined: 29th Oct 2013
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25th Nov 2013

I'm all for having a controllable, personal place where BK's can have a home and have fun. Some of donate to a server to get special treatment and to continue the health of having a home server. I rarely ever play elsewhere at this point.

Whats our goal in the end? To attract tons of people? Or to have an e-leet server?

Here's the one that clinched it for me:
Multibalancer addon works and moves players based on skill and K/D

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Joined: 13th Nov 2013
Rank: Knight of the Rose
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27th Nov 2013

Ranked definitely sounds like the better option, if not, its like being at the airport to use a plane you have no control over rather than just having your own private jet. More people are on the commercial plane, but you get no say in its use.

So in short... get the private jet... we can always go to another plane and fly commercial if we don't have a cool enough party on the private jet one night.
Joined: 7th Sep 2013
Rank: First Knight
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28th Nov 2013

Looks like it is staying as RAnked. We're going to need all of you to work hard each day on seeding it. And invite people into our TS and to fav our server so they keep coming back which will help us seed.
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