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New Server Addons (BF4 Server)
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Joined: 7th Sep 2013
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2nd Dec 2013

I installed these two addons today and want to see how you all and the public like them to see if they stay.  So here's what they are and what they do ...

Adaptive Ticket Count
This plugin is intended to adjust the number of tickets based upon the number of players on the server just before the new maps is started (it checks right after the countdown on the stats screen finishes). The number of tickets can be specified as a percentage of the map default, or as an exact number (so that all maps will be the same).

This plugin can be used for any or all game modes. Each game mode can be enabled or disabled explicitly, and can use a default list of ticket counts or a list specifically for that game mode.

ProconRulz - weapon limits and other event-triggered admin actions

ProconRulz is a general-purpose Procon plugin that allows admin actions to be taken based on events and triggers. The most common usage is for weapon limits, e.g. " On Kill;Weapon SMAW;Kill " (which will limit the SMAW rockets by killing any player that kills with that weapon). Or you can limit players NOT using certain weapons, e.g. for a pistols-only server " On Kill;Not Damage Handgun;Kill " (which will kill any player that kills with anything NOT a pistol). 

The current rules we have enabled are ...

Multi-kills (proconrulz_multikill.txt) - keeps track of short-term multi-kill streaks and makes Quake-like announcements. 

Killstreak  (proconrulz_killstreak.txt) Announces kill streaks at 5/10/15 kills etc, and when ended.

Best 3 Players  (proconrulz_best3players.txt) Particularly for TDM announces current highest kill player & each time that changes.

!voteKick  -  Any player can say  !votekick <partial player name>  and these rulz will accumulate a count against that player. Players cannot vote twice against the same player. When the vote count reaches the limit, the player is kicked. <partial player name> is  any unique  (case insensitive) part of the player name. I.e. !votekick 4x  will vote against a player called 7337H4X0r. This is much better than trying to guess a good approximation of the name, trust me on this.

E.g.  !votekick bam  could give the message "Pebbles voted to kick bambam (2 more votes needed)".

Votes expire  at the end of the round . If the kicked player rejoins during the same round, a single !votekick will kick them again.

Simple Aimbot headshot detector - These rulz count headshots and if it's more than 60% after 30 kills (these params in line 5) and it's not a sniper rifle, player is banned.

Last Edit: 2nd Dec 2013 by T-Bird
Joined: 11th Sep 2013
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2nd Dec 2013

Nice!! Now we we can get an plug in to limit the number of snipers it would be even better!!!

Joined: 7th Sep 2013
Rank: First Knight
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3rd Dec 2013

We have one. I just didn't enable that feature.

Forum » Battlefield Hardline » General Discussion
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