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Worst Game Launch
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Joined: 10th Sep 2013
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25th Oct 2013

I have participated in many game launches.  I have bought many, many games over the years, but the following are my top three worst game launches in no particular order:

Hellgate: London

Few people remember this game.  It failed so horribly on release that it died very quickly.  Just some of the issues encountered:  double billing, server queues, the patch that deleted two weeks of experience and items, etc.

World of Warcraft

In stark contrast to Hellgate, most people think of success when hearing the title.  However, I remember the server issues, wait times, and of course the loot bug that plagued release.

Anarchy Online

While this is the game that brought me to BK, the launch was a nightmare.  It became a running gag for years and the penultimate example of a bad launch for many years.  The initial issues?  Double billing, high latency (lag), and server crashes, just to name a few.

Curious to hear other war stories of bad launches, so please post your worst.
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5th Nov 2013

I dont think I have ever seen a good launch, but if i limit myself to some recent EA ones you got:

The old republic, long ques? we'll just add 40 servers, im sure they will fill up...  and also ban people who have the same charictor names as offenders on different servers, (thank god i have RL friends at EA legal)

Sim City,  A lauch so bad that EA gave everyone who bought it the first week a free origin title (ME3, NFS, etc)
Joined: 1st Nov 2013
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7th Nov 2013

I second Sim City. They couldn't even get it right for the mac release after the debacle of the failed pc launch. I mean they only need to support a small finite number of hardware configuration and still managed to screw it up.
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Joined: 12th Sep 2013
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7th Nov 2013

Sword of the Stars 2. Incomplete buggy mess.

Rome 2 Total War. oh my god what the fuck barbeque. Luckily this is a ton better after a month of patches.

Homeworld 2. Not technically awful, but remember how fucking hard that one mission was before the patch?

BF3. LOL Origin.
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