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Yo, whats up BK?
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Joined: 24th Oct 2017
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24th Oct 2017

I'm glad to see you are still around! The homepage looks awesome

So what games are you playing now? Is Tiameth still around to bring destruction to forums hehe?

Me I hardly play anymore, Only some PoE and Star Citizen (if they ever release it I think I will play it alot though)
Joined: 7th Sep 2013
Rank: First Knight
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27th Oct 2017

Hey man!

Everyone is in hibernation mode honestly. There's just nothing exciting in the gaming world as it stands. With everyone being so old now with families it takes a real block buster to get the dedication needed to really be a force to reckon with like the old days. And the games being pumped out lately seem like rushed manufactured garbage really. It's like we grew up on great home cooked unique meals and now we're being fed TV dinners.

And Tiamet will never die, he's always around to bring "the King's Justice" when needed. Most of the time he verbally spars and shuts shit down is on Facebook. But yeah, he's still the same old Tiamet. Verbal fucking judo.

Joined: 13th Sep 2013
Rank: Lord of the Sword
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27th Oct 2017

Sup PD! Long time.

Been mostly SP for a couple years now, and I don't even have a family like most of the guys seem to now. There's just nothing that interesting in the gaming world for me lately. I'm not sure what it would even take to get the whole old gang back together, but nothing in the last 4 or 5 years has done the trick, and most everything in the pipeline seems like more of the same. It's a bummer. But for a while there, we had almost a golden age.

I am the Hopeslayer, and I approve this message.

Joined: 24th Oct 2017
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26th Nov 2017

Hey guys

Yeah, growing up sux lol

Well I got a beatiful 4-yo daughter now ( + a true bitch as ex-gf haha).

I follow StarCitizen and if they ever release I think it will be pretty cool (especially with HOTAS). They are about to release v 3.0 any day now so Im pretty excited about that.

Also spent some hours in xcom2 but other than that most games are meeh ... except rimworld haha (great game (SP) actually)..

Anyway still glad to see you are still here

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Forum » Main » General Discussion
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