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EA CCO Rich Hilleman states nothing wrong with BF4
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11th Feb 2014


Read the rest of the short interview from DICE here. They deserve the clicks, very few publications continue to ask these questions.

RPS: SimCity and BF4 both had terrible launches. SimCity didn’t work for more than a month, and BF4 still has issues. Surely you’re overhauling how you approach launches internally from now on?

Hilleman: I’m not sure I accept your premise. Battlefield 4 has been an exceedingly successful product on both consoles and PC. From a sales perspective, from a gameplay perspective.

RPS: Sure, BF4 is fundamentally a good game, but you can’t just write off months of glitches and server issues. Some people straight up could not play for the first couple weeks.

Hilleman: I think there was a lot of noise about the game, but some of that is a function of your surface area. The more customers you have, the more noise becomes available. We did things wrong. We know that. We’re gonna fix those things. We’re gonna try to be smart about what customers want in the future.

But I’m not willing to accept – and I don’t think most of my customers are willing to say – “it’s a bad product, I wish I didn’t buy it.” That’s not the conversation we’re having now. I think what we’re hearing is, “You made a game we really liked. We would’ve liked it a little better if it didn’t have these problems.” Many of those problems we can fix, and we have and will.

Hilleman was never going to throw BF4 under the bus or say anything remotely meaningful in an unprepared interview. That said, his answers still came across very casual and nonchalant; he even seems to believe sales and gameplay negate launch issues and playability. With the constant negative press EA has a knack for generating, you'd think their top brass would have developed some humility by now, even if they have to fake it. ... ts-discusses-future/ [] ... wthread.php?t=767225 []

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11th Feb 2014

LOL. That is hilarious. Please post more of this! Couldn't stop laughing!

“You made a game we really liked. We would’ve liked it a little better if it didn’t have these problems.”

My PC never crashed as much as with bf 4. And yes i would have liked the game more if it wouldn't crash my PC.
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